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JUSTACRAZY-BOY's Profile Picture
Len/Nel/Allen K./A.
:iconjustacrazy-girl:- | -:iconjustacrazy-boy:

Just a crazy boy...
He's a bit...unstable. He has so many different personalities, that he's lost sight of his own, having lost it with trying to please others so much with different personalities. He does not like unhappy things, when those situations pop up he will usually clap, sing, or laugh to try and 'make it better'. He acts like he just wants to sing and dance, often shouting seemingly random words and phrases. He is always grinning, deception and manipulation are his best friends. Although, he is harmless...most of the time. It's best not to get him riled up, and, if you're lucky, he may revert to his vunerable self. Often asking who the real him is and begging for the music to keep going, to keep dancing. Sometimes he talks to himself, who he is talking to, he'll never tell. It's hard to find the real him, and he is usually smiling, [ the smiling masks found in the video /hint-hint ] and describes himself as a messed up, crazy, and patched up matryoska doll. He feels as though nothing ever happens in life, and that he is stuck at one time, but where, he does not know exactly. What exactly is he hiding? In other words, he is crazy, insecure, hides behind a smile, and has MPD. I feel no need to describe his appearance since it's on the webcam. And yes, he does have a microphone like Gumi and he will use Russian sometimes. Cause I love me the Russians :U

Different Personalities... [ You can ask to speak to one of them ]
Len He is as he is, crazy, strange, what I wrote up there ↑ His eyes are a golden-brown ring around the pupil and light-blue on the outside. Russian.
Nel He's the most normal, but also cold, rude, and angry. He has no problem killing, but doesn't do it for joy. His eyes are a frigid light-blue. Russian.
Allen A. He's too kind and polite for his own good, basically Allen from the Story of Evil novel. His eyes are a warm golden-brown. French. Possible past life...? [ Duh! >:U ]

If you please, dance more, dance more!/Пожалуйста, танцуйте больше, танцуйте больше!

You and me, rendezvous?/Вы и я, свидание?
:iconjustacrazy-girl: Riiin~ Don't ever hurt her if you know what's best for you~ Onee-chan♥ Моя прекрасная сестра ~
:iconp-a-t-c-h-w-o-r-k: Miku-nee~ Давайте свидание вместе ~

Time may pass, but the hands are at 4.../Время может пройти, но руки - в 4..

Throw out all your memories, too~/Выбросьте все ваши воспоминания, также~
:iconoverlapping-voices: You made me angry and switch personalities~ That's not good~ Не имея смысла во всем ~ Вы должны танцевать с вашей глупостью ~

Hurry, dance, with all your foolishness/Торопитесь, танцуйте, со всей вашей глупостью

[ Ask to be on :U ]


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"Len!" Iroha glomped Len.

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Creed walked up, holding a rose in one hand, and his other hand laying on the hilt of his sword. "Hello." He greeted, smirking.
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Gumi blinked and hugged him tightly. "Hey Len-kun~!"
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The Russian smiled, "привет~"
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She grinned, pointing at Len, "Ne ne, Len-kun~"
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I scared Alois!
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